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Jordan 3 Retro J Balvin Rio

Jordan 3 Retro J Balvin Rio

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The Jordan 3 Retro J Balvin Rio perfectly blends the classic Jordan 3 design with J Balvin's signature flair. Featuring a predominantly black upper, this sneaker is brought to life with solar flare and total crimson abyss accents that capture the vibrant energy of J Balvin’s music. The iconic elephant print on the heel and toe areas pays homage to the original Jordan 3 design, while the gradient midsole transitioning from bright orange to deep abyss adds a unique and colorful twist.

As part of his ongoing collaboration with Jordan brand, J Balvin's "Rio" edition, named after his son, infuses a personal and artistic touch into the Jordan 3 model. The sneaker's construction maintains the high standards of comfort and durability that the Jordan 3 is known for. The bold colorway reflects J Balvin’s dynamic personality, making this model a standout piece. The thoughtful design elements, from the premium leather to the eye-catching gradient midsole, highlight the meticulous attention to detail in this collaboration.

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