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Bearbrick KEITH HARING #6 1000%

Bearbrick KEITH HARING #6 1000%

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The Bearbrick Keith Haring #6 1000% is part of an effort by MEDICOM Toys to pay tribute to the late artist and his work. The #6 at 1000% was released alongside the work of another artist as part of a dual unveiling by the toy company.

Keith Haring's work started out as inspiration taken from street and graffiti art, and he developed some skills as a cartoonist early in life. The Bearbrick Keith Haring #6 1000% exemplifies the style he became known for during his peak years. It features a two-tone palette that includes a plain white background on the body of the iconic bear toy. Overlaid on this backdrop is a series of orange hearts with human faces. These hearts cover the whole body of the Bearbrick figure, and they feature wide, oblong eyes, a human-like nose, a smiling mouth full of teeth, and a tongue dangling from the mouth. The 1000% collectible stands at 27.5 inches in total.

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